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Space is Limited

Following the September 2018 site design update our goal is to provide highly visible spaces for banner ads that give businesses the choice of focusing on specific areas or casting their net across an entire league.

Therefore there are two levels of advertising to choose from: League Wide or School Based.

League Wide ads typically run along the left and right sides of the content and are found on every page associated with the selected league as well as the Scores and Standings section. These locations move inline with the content on mobile devices such as tablets.

School Based ads are smaller in size than League Wide ads and are found among the content on the set of pages for a particular school. On mobile devices these ads may move below the content.

Affordable Rates

CPM: Cost Per Thousand Impressions

Other local online news outlets charge anywhere from $8 to $17 CPM and may give you little control over the placement of your ad.

Our CPM? $2.00 for League Wide Ads and $4.00 for School Based ads. But there must be a catch you say. There is!

You will never pay more than $2,000 per year for a League Wide Ad or $100 per year per School Based Ad.

Each time your ad is shown it is recorded in our Impressions database. We guarantee that your League Wide Ad will be displayed 1,000,000 times over the course of your year-long term. One million impressions at a $2.00 CPM equals $2000. If you do not receive 1,000,000 impressions for your ad, the diffence will be applied as a credit to your next term or you can elect to have the ad run longer until the million views are achieved.

The same concept applies to School Based ads, but with slightly different numbers. For a cost of $100 at a $4 CPM, we guarantee your School Based Ad will be displayed 25,000 times during your term. If it isn't we will apply the credit to the following year or keep the ad running until it hits the target. When advertising on multiple School Pages the number of guaranteed impressions is 25,000 multiplied by the number of School Pages with impressions totaled across all selected School Pages.

Sounds good you say, but what happens if my ad gets MORE than the guaranteed amount of impressions? Will I be billed for those additional views?

Absolutely Not! Any and all displays beyond the one million for a League Wide ad or 25,000 for a School Based ad will cost you nothing and will only lower your final CPM.

The Bottom Line

League Wide Ads

Max Cost Per Year

$2,000 per league


$2 per thousand impressions

Guaranteed Impressions



Sidebar (Inline on Mobile)


All School Pages within the League, League Specific Pages, Scores and Standings Section

School Based Ads

Max Cost Per Year

$100 per School Page


$4 per thousand impressions

Guaranteed Impressions

25,000 per School Page




All Pages Within the School's Section of the Site (

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