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Manchester-Essex High School: Coaches

Fall Coaches

Varsity Boys Cross Country Steve Whittey
Varsity Girls Cross Country Mark Dawson
Middle School Coed Cross Country Eliza Rosenfield
Varsity Field Hockey Kara Crovo
Junior Varsity Field Hockey Molly Saunders
Freshman Field Hockey Patricia Wright
Middle School Field Hockey Green
Middle School Field Hockey White
Varsity Football Jeff Hutton
Junior Varsity Football
Freshman Football
Varsity Golf Hollis French
Middle School Golf Rick Marshall
Varsity Boys Soccer Rob Bilsbury
Junior Varsity Boys Soccer Steve Driscoll
Freshman Boys Soccer Phil Lusk
Varsity Girls Soccer Luke Cosgrove
Junior Varsity Girls Soccer
Middle School Coed Soccer White
Middle School Coed Soccer Green

Winter Coaches

Varsity Boys Basketball Tim St. Laurent
Junior Varsity Boys Basketball Ralph Quinn
Freshman Boys Basketball Tom Smith
Middle School Boys Basketball Green Alex Elia
Middle School Boys Basketball White Matt Schlegel
Varsity Girls Basketball Lauren Dubois
Junior Varsity Girls Basketball Brad Hill
Freshman Girls Basketball Ray Allen
Middle School Girls Basketball Green Phil Lusk
Middle School Girls Basketball White Matt Schlegel
Varsity Girls Gymnastics
Varsity Boys Ice Hockey
Varsity Boys Alpine Ski Tim Wonson
Junior Varsity Boys Alpine Ski
Varsity Girls Alpine Ski Peter Wonson
Varsity Coed Swimming & Diving Shannon Alger
Varsity Boys Indoor Track Nelson Desilvestre
Junior Varsity Boys Indoor Track Steve Whittey
Varsity Girls Indoor Track Mark Dawson
Junior Varsity Girls Indoor Track Eliza Rosenfield
Varsity Wrestling

Spring Coaches

Varsity Baseball James Weed
Junior Varsity Baseball
Varsity Boys Lacrosse John McCavanagh
Junior Varsity Boys Lacrosse Josh Wladkowski
Varsity Girls Lacrosse Rebecca Smith
Junior Varsity Girls Lacrosse
Varsity Coed Sailing Joe Ahearn
Junior Varsity Coed Sailing Connor Winn
Varsity Softball Frank Sarro
Junior Varsity Softball Phil Lusk
Varsity Boys Tennis Rob Bilsbury
Varsity Girls Tennis Kenard Rawson