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Advertising on MAScores.com

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MAScores.com is the official home for high school athletic scheduling in the Cape Ann League, the Commonwealth Athletic Conference, and the Northeastern Conference. In all 42 high schools maintain their schedules here. The site also tracks varsity scores and standings and much more for these leagues.

MAScores.com is a direct avenue into the homes of thousands of high school athletes and their families and friends, along with coaches, athletic directors, alumni, and fans. The website receives thousands of visits per month, and the number of daily visitors continues to rise. Feedback from our visitors has been nothing but positive.


As shown by the maps, the Cape Ann League section of the site targets the twenty communities that send students to the twelve member schools.

The Commonwealth Conference consists of fourteen schools (ten of which are regional vocational schools) that draw students from a large number of communities north and west of Boston. On the CAC map, the cities and town in green are where you will find the campuses, while those shaded blue send students to one or more of the league's schools.

The Northeastern Conference is expanding to 16 schools this year, serving schools from Somerville up to Gloucester.

An advertisement on MAScores.com provides your business with 24-hour a day, seven day a week exposure to thousands of potential customers.

Advertisement Locations

MAScores gives you great flexibility when placing an advertisement.

School Page Ads

The majority of our advertising slots are found to the left and right of the content of each page. These ads are purchased for a specific School Page (for example Pentucket High School or Greater Lawrence Tech) and will appear on all of the various sections within that School Page. These ads will also appear on all Sports Pages when a visitor is viewing Scores for that school.

There is room for eight advertisements per school page (4 on each side of the content). All ads appear "above the fold", and rotate through the eight slots on each page load.

School Page ads are extremely affordable, starting at just $200 for one school for an entire year. Place your ad on a second School Page and immediately receive 10% off your total. Discounts increase at specific price points, reaching as high as 35% in savings.

And, if you decide to place an ad on all School Pages within a league, the ad will be displayed on every single page within the league's section of the site. This includes not only every School and Sport page, but also the pages within the Home and My Teams sections.

The major advantage that comes with an advertisement on MAScores.com is that they are highly visible, but not intrusive to the viewing experience.

The ability to select the communities you wish to target means you will not be paying to place an ad in markets where you do not do business.

Extremely Affordable Rates! Use the new Ad Calculator below to experiment with different advertising configurations.

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